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The ARS Advantage

ARS is recognized as a world class provider of rigging, automation and production services exclusively tailored to the entertainment industry. As entertainment rigging specialists, we’re on the road 52 weeks a year hanging concerts, TV and corporate shows along with major sporting events across the U.S. and abroad.  Whether it’s static or automated rigging, construction or productions, you can count on ARS. There’s a reason such iconic shows and producers like WWE and Garth Brooks trust us to handle their rigging and automation.

We get excited to bring our customers the ingenuity and creativity needed to get their design vision to the stage. We’re the alternative to the big box “one stop” production service companies. Our production professionals have a genuine love of this stuff and see every problem as a challenge to overcome.

When you hire ARS, you’ll find our experience and commitment to get our job done far exceeds our competitors. Less talk- more chalk, is how we roll on site and our customers experience the ARS work ethic on every job we do.  If you are looking for a team of hard-working professionals with a proven track record of delivering what we promise, on time, on budget and with a dedication to safety, you are on the right page.

Rigging is our wheelhouse. We know it. We Own it. ARS has rigged something somewhere every day since 1993. We have refined our rigging techniques and developed into experts in automated rigging, with the ability to design and fabricate, everything and anything our customers need.

Our Facility

We call home to an 80,000-square-foot facility dedicated to rigging and automation in the ATL, “the city too busy to hate”.  Our 60’ x 40’ automation stage/studio gives us the space to test and program our automation projects before they hit the road.

We are always happy to host and help your crew prep at our facility. Our numerous prep areas and resources can help your team get show-ready. Located just a short drive from one of the world’s largest airports, traveling in and out of Atlanta is simple and cost-effective.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Entertainment Rigging
Lodestar Service
Major Sporting Events
Concert Tours
Corporate Shows
CM Lodestar Parts
Truss Structures
Custom Fabrication
Kinesys Software
Raynok Control
Tracking Video
Variable Speed Winches
Equipment Rentals
Laser Level
Fall Protection


We’re pros at this. Our team of dedicated, full-time expert riggers, project managers, drafting personnel, and account reps understand the nuances of show environments and rigging challenges. If it can be done, we can get it hung.


At ARS you’ll get hands-on, personal attention for all of your automation and fabrication needs. We can lift, turn, track and tilt, anything you can dream up.  We have a huge inventory of machines and front ends to fit your show specifications.

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