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CM Hoist

ARS has been selling the highest quality American made rigging supplies for over 25 years. We supply the entertainment industries most reputable production companies. We are a known trustworthy sales organization that stands behind the products we sell. Everything we sell is field tested and meets our high standard for function and durability.

We’re knowledgeable rigging experts with the gear you require to get the job done. Whatever you need, give us a call. We stock chain motors, truss, controllers, cables and most items used in entertainment rigging on a daily basis.

  • ARS manufactured the first “chain bag system” for loadstar hoists that works for inverted or motor up CM lodestar configurations.
  • ARS manufactured the first Rotomolded road cases for CM lodestar hoists.
  • ARS manufactured the first Rotomolded utility case for rigging and control.
  • ARS is the first rigging company to use the “Black Bag” black fire treated burlap.
  • ARS is the first company to use “Black Steel” wire rope in 3/8″ and 1/2” sizes…

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Permanent Installations

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Nobody has installed more permanent rigging grids in venues across the country than ARS period. It’s clear when venues are thinking about enhancing their space ARS is the number one choice to install any type of rigging improvement. Venue managers see our crews and equipment go through their space on tours and one-offs time and time again. We are with the production the building is trying to attract. We know the needs and requirements for rigging any show on the road. So who better than ARS to design, build and install a system that lets the riggers rig, and that makes load in and load out a breeze. Check out some of the most well-known historic building in the country ARS has helped improve over the years. Rigging grids, curtain systems, speakers, video panels, scoreboard modification, theatre sets ups and more…

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