First in, Last out

ARS is a trusted partner for your rigging automation and fabrication projects, or equipment needs. Whether it’s a rock show, corporate event or permanent installation, we have the skills and capabilities to plan, design and hang your next project.

While we work on some of the biggest events across the nation, partnering with ARS doesn’t mean getting treated like a number. We’re excited about your project, and it shows in everything we do. Whether the systems need to function perfectly for the biggest event of the year or for a year-long nationwide tour, we’ll deliver on what we promise.

Automation & Fabrication

Rigging done right.

That’s what you get with ARS. Some of the biggest challenges in live events are found in rigging and automation.

It’s where we live all day, every day: ensuring the vision you have makes it onto the stage. Starting with your plan for each element and how it should be automated, we get geeky and figure out how to make it happen. Every system eventually requires something to be customized, so if a part we need doesn’t exist yet, we can design and fabricate what you need.

The advantages of working with someone who does rigging automation and fabrication day in and day out is that experience and expertise means we can be problem solvers. Is it a video wall that needs to separate nightly for a year-long tour or elements at an annual award show you’d like to move around the stage? We’ve done it all and can help plan yours to function flawlessly.

Rigging Management

Skip the chaos of multiple vendors.

ARS brings all the rigging management for events together under one roof so your shows go smoothly.

We’ve worked on everything from global events and concerts to massive sporting events and conferences. What have we learned in 25 years of doing this? That everything needs to be carefully planned and executed from beginning to end. Working with ARS means consolidating all of the rigging elements under one management umbrella.

Our in-house team of professionals can work with your vendors to manage the show or take the lead to collect all the information needed. From producing a complete rigging plot with all the weights, airspace conflicts and connections resolved before we arrive on site, to submitting a plan to the building for approval, we’ve got the pre-planning taken care of for you.

Once completed, we create an installation scheme including all the necessary rigging equipment needed for the job including all the control and cable paths, and look at sequence to ensure a smooth load in. Once the gear is sorted, we assign one of our fully-vetted, insured lead riggers and crew to get the job done.

Sales & Installation

For people who need rigging, by people who know rigging.


We’re knowledgeable rigging experts with the gear you require to get the job done. Whatever you need, give us a call. We stock chain motors, truss and most items used in entertainment rigging on a daily basis.

Need something that doesn’t exist? ARS can make it happen. We understand that sometimes your vision gets ahead of what’s out there in the marketplace, so we’re experts at designing and fabricating specialty or custom equipment.

From motor cases to controllers, we have all the gear you need plus all the PPE riggers must have.


Today’s artists are bringing extraordinary stage concepts to their shows like never before. Sporting events get millions of views on TV and online, and speakers at conventions are recorded and watched for years to come.

We know that rigging can make or break an event, show or speech. Whether it’s a permanent installation at a stadium or something for one of the biggest sporting events of the year, ARS has the bandwidth to get it done.

ARS Online Store

We can automate finding your parts too.

We know rigging, and we know the best parts to help you get the job done. Everything we supply has been load tested and thoroughly checked out to ensure it works exactly how we – and you – expect.

Please browse through our parts listings below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us today to see how ARS can help.

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